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Prospective Graduate Students

Update June 2024: I am not taking new PhD students until at earliest Fall 2027. I will update this page when I am open for recruitment. Please check back for updates beginning June 2026.

I accept PhD students through the UW Department of Biology Graduate Program. Please note that our program does not offer Masters degrees. While researchers in our lab are motivated to apply our research towards conservation, we have fundamental interests in basic ecological theory. I look for graduate students who are self-driven, value curiosity, creativity, and diverse perspectives, and are willing team-players. Students should have strong quantitative and writing skills and be comfortable doing fieldwork at remote sites. The lab welcomes students from diverse backgrounds and is committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in our work and anti-racism in our field. 

Currently, field-based projects are focused on two study systems: 1) African carnivores in Botswana (see my partner organization, Botswana Predator Conservation), and 2) penguins in Argentina (see the Center for Ecosystem Sentinels Magellanic Penguin Project). There are plentiful opportunities for projects using existing data outside of these systems, but these systems are where long-term data collection and ongoing fieldwork in my lab are currently targeted. 

Graduate Student Funding

If admitted, the Biology Graduate Program will provide 5 years of guaranteed funding support (salary, benefits, & tuition), a substantial portion of which may be through Teaching Assistantships. To the extent possible, I strive to offer partial funding support to offset TAships, however I encourage all prospective students to pursue alternative internal and external funding opportunities available to them. Below are some fellowship resources, including several that are available to students who are not yet accepted to a graduate program.

Internal funding opportunities:

External funding opportunities:

Funding opportunities for international students:

Prospective Postdocs

I value postdoctoral researchers in the lab and welcome those with independent funding or those who would like to pursue independent funding to reach out. Here are some postdoctoral fellowship opportunities: